‘Balkan Bolero’ CD published

29 Nov ‘Balkan Bolero’ CD published

In November 2013, the Oboe Classics record label of London published the CD ‘Balkan Bolero’ (CC 2028) containing pieces of Isidora Žebeljan’s classical music, where the main focus is on the oboe, cor anglais and related instruments. The CD contains the following compositions: Dance of the Wooden Sticks, for cor anglais/oboe sopile and string orchestra; Leonce and Lena, a suite for soprano, oboe and chamber ensemble; Sarabande, for cor anglais, violin and piano; Girotondo, for oboe, piano, percussion and double bass; The Miracle in Šargan, versions for oboe and violin, and oboe and piano; Simon and Anne, a suite for cor anglais and piano; Three Goat’s Ears, a suite for oboe, violin and string orchestra; New Songs of Lada without Words, for oboe/cor anglais/oboe d’amore and string orchestra; The Mousetrap, a diptych for cor anglais, violin and piano; Two Songs of the Bride of the Wind, for cor anglais, accordion and double bass. Along with Borislav Čičovački, who plays the oboe, cor anglais, oboe d’amore and oboe sopile, the music from this CD is performed by the pianists Isidora Žebeljan, Aleksandar Madžar and Miloš Veljković, violinists Julija Hartig and Mirjana Nešković, soprano Aneta Ilić, percussionist Miroslav Karlović, accordionist Aleksandar Stefanović, double bassist Boban Stošić, violist Nataša Petrović, flautist Neda Arsenijević and the Žebeljan Orchestra conducted by Premil Petrović. All the compositions on the CD were recorded at Kolarac in Belgrade, and the recording engineer, editor and sound designer was Zoran Marinković.

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