Balkan Bolero

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OBOE CLASSICS, UK, CC 2028 (2013)
Balkan Bolero
Chamber music by Isidora Žebeljan
Dance of the Wooden Sticks, for cor anglais/oboe sopile and string orchestra
Leonce and Lena, Suite for soprano, flute, oboe, viola, double bass, piano and percussion
Sarabande, for cor anglais, violin and piano
Girotondo, for oboe, piano, double bass and percussion
The Miracle in Shargan, Song for oboe and violin
Simon and Anne, Suite for cor anglais and piano
Three Goat’s Ears, Suite for oboe, violin and string orchestra
The Miracle in Shargan, Song for oboe and piano
New Songs of Lada without Words, Suite for oboe/cor anglais/oboe d’amore and string orchestra
The Mousetrap, Diptych for cor anglais, violin and piano
Two Songs of Bride of the Wind, for cor anglais, accordion and double bass
Borislav Čičovački, oboe/cor anglais/oboe d’ amore/oboe sopile
Isidora Žebeljan, piano
Aleksandar Madžar, piano
Aneta Ilić, soprano
Julija Hartig, violin
and other soloists
Žebeljan Orchestra
Conductor: Premil Petrović